Monday, April 14, 2008

Irma Perez

Something I find particularly deplorable is using the misery of an individual and her family for the furthering of a irrelevant cause. Yet the DEA, our governments answer to the many problems that certain drugs have caused in this country has done just that. Recently I found an article on the DEA website that recounts the story of a 14 yr old girl named Irma Perez. Irma had taken a bad ecstacy pill that had caused her to experience a host of symptoms, such as vomiting and writhing in pain, that should been a major indicators that she needed immediate medical attention. However, being surrounded by other 14 yr olds she did not immediately get this medical attention, instead they gave her marijuana.

Now granted this is a tragic story of the dangers of ecstacy that needs to be shared for two reasons. The first is that kids and adults need to know the risks associated with ecstacy. It can kill you the first time you try it, it can cause brain damage, as well as lead to an array of other medical problems. The second is that if you are going to take ecstacy and you experience vomiting or pain, seek immediate medical attention as these are signs of a bad hit.

The kicker and point is this, I did not find this under the dangers of ecstacy. I found this article while following the DEA websites answer to why they object to medical marijuana. Irma’s friends gave her the weed to treat her symptoms, vomiting and pain. They gave her the weed and when she was still sick in the morning they figured it was time to take her to the hospital. The DEA saw this as a major factor to Irma’s death. Basically, their faulty assumption that weed has magical healing powers prevented her from getting medical treatment.

Now, I’m not going to say much because I think the flaw in logic here is rather apparent. The whole story is about ecstacy, why even mention weed? Could it be the DEA would like a dead girl associated with marijuana? The DEA took a recipe involving ecstacy, ignorant 14 yr olds, 24 hours with no medical treatment and marijuana, and they found the marijuana to be worth mentioning in this tragedy. It seems your grasping at straws here Michele Leonhart. If they hadn’t had the weed, God knows what they would have given poor Irma. Has anyone considered that if we could come together on the factual realities that concern marijuana they might have known better?

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