Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm on to Harder Drugs, like Caffeine

Thus far no drug company has developed a drug to treat dependence upon marijuana. The chief reason for this is that there has been no research to conclusively show that marijuana creates a physical dependence in its users. Withdrawal symptoms associated with ceasing to use marijuana are on par with the irritation that one would get from breaking any basic habit. Symptoms range from slight insomnia to irritability, and are almost always miniscule.

Dr. Jack E. Henningfield Ph.D. (in Psychopharmacology) and formerly of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Dr. Neal L. Benowitz MD of the University of San Francisco ranked six common substances in five problem areas. Of all of the substances tested marijuana was found to be the least addictive, less so than caffeine. Alcohol on the other hand was found to be more addictive than heroine and cocaine. The only substance tested that was found to be more addictive than alcohol was nicotine. It is interesting that the two most addictive substances, of those tested, are the only two that can be purchased legally.

The fact of the matter is that Michelle Leonhart and the DEA are under pressure form Washington D.C. to fabricate reasons to continue to fight the war on marijuana. Why you may ask? With so many special interests being represented in Washington D.C., is it any wonder that alcohol companies employ thousands of lobbyists to fight the legislation that would legalize marijuana? If marijuana becomes legal the alcohol companies all take a huge hit, and somehow I think they’d say and do anything to retain their profit margin.

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Mrs. GreenThumb said...

Interesting. After smoking a fair amount of medical grade marijuana over a period of 6 years, I was able to quit without any symptoms of withdrawl. I managed to escape without destroying my future, losing all of my friends, or getting hooked on this 'gateway drug'. (Those public service ads sure are scary.)
Yet, I can't get through the day without a cup of coffee or diet coke. I've tried... I get headaches, can't concentrate, etc. So, why havent I seen any rediculous commercials starring a life-ruining cappuccino?

much love,
Mrs. Greenthumb

PS. Now that I think about it.. maybe my caffine addiction is what lead me to the 'hardcore' pot use.