Sunday, April 20, 2008

Michelle Leonhart- Acting Administrator of the DEA

Dear Michelle Leonhart,

This April 20th was a sunny one here in beautiful southern California. Like so many 4-20’s of the past, hundreds of thousands of avid pot loving individuals have used this Sunday to communally partake in the use and celebration of marijuana.

Whatever the true story is about the relation between the time and date of 4-20 and marijuana, one thing that is for sure is in the drug subculture of marijuana 4-20 is taken pretty damn seriously. Activities from one group of smokers to the next will vary, but one thing is definitely a constant, an exuberant amount of sticky greens will be smoked or eaten.

So my question is if these people do not get behind the wheel of a car what harm are they doing? Even if I am to concede that all of the health related information that your website publishes about marijuana is true, isn’t it their body? And if health is your concern what is the DEA’s stance on nicotine? What about alcohol? Surely these are both dangerous drugs too.

No doubt law enforcement was out in full force today in hopes of catching as many pot- heads as they possibly could. It’s interesting to me that in this country that the underground holiday of 4-20 is revered by many parents and law enforcement an appalling practice that should be stopped. What exactly is St. Patrick’s Day again?

DEA Website

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