Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Addiction to the Great Evil- Marijuana

Many within groups that oppose the legalization of marijuana harp on the idea that it is an addictive drug that can ruin an individual’s life. However, any substance or activity that enables an individual to experience pleasure is capable of inducing some form or level of addiction. I enjoy eating a good hot dog. I know it’s not the healthiest food, but damnit I love them. Now suppose I decide to eat hot dogs everyday, for every meal because of the intense pleasure I derive from eating hot dogs. Now my pleasure has become, what many would call, an addiction. Now is it the hot dogs that are addictive? I mean are they physically addictive?

Well no, of course not. Rather I have become psychologically addicted to hot dogs, and possibly to eating in general. In the same respect marijuana, which is not physically addictive, can be mentally addictive for some individuals, but basically on par with caffeine. Now this individual who takes it to this level is very rare. Of the 70,000,000 Americans who have used marijuana, only two- thirds have used it within the last year. Predominantly those who smoke marijuana do not let it interfere with their daily lives.

Many might argue, but Mr. Greenthumb we see it on the news and in newspaper articles and so on. Well what does the media report? Do they report when everything is going fine and dandy? Is the businessman that likes to get high and watch a movie on the weekends newsworthy? Well no, the bum on a 20/20 exclusive that is ranting about how drugs ruined his life is what’s newsworthy. Yeah and I am so sure it was marijuana and not that fucking crack in your pocket that did you in buddy.

Excuse me, uhh big bad DEA, I have a question. Exactly how many marijuana users in the U.S. sell themselves for weed money?

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Just Another Girl With an Opinion said...

Exactly, not to mention the fact that tobacco is legal and oh wait, it is physically addicting, unlike Marijuana. It really pisses me off when news stations go on and on about kids smoking weed and how they are ruining their lives forever. Really, why is pot the headline when younger and younger kids are addicted to meth, cocaine, and ecstasy. Now those drugs are addictive, highly dangerous, and can actually cause permanent damage, not marijuana. To my knowledge there has never been a death directly caused by Marijuana, now compare that to the 8 million people each year killed by cigarettes. Hmm, its funny how no one seems to care about the obvious statistics. Maybe someday parents will wake up and stop blaming the safe drug just to make themselves think that their kids aren’t snorting lines during class, or popping pills on the weekends.