Monday, March 10, 2008

Marijuana and the Brain

Many researchers now openly admit that there is no evidence that weed kills brain cells. Prior to new studies scientists believed that marijuana caused a structural change in the brain after long- term use. This idea arose mostly from series of animal experiments, done by Dr. Robert G. Heath, in which he alleged to have found brain damage in monkeys that were heavily dosed with marijuana.

This study has since been refuted by a number of researchers in which better controls where put in to effect. Two similar monkey studies have included one by Dr. William Slikker of the National Center for Toxicological Research, and another by Charles Rebert and Gordon Pryor of SRI International. In each of these respective studies no brain damage was found in monkeys subjected to daily doses of cannabis. Not only was no brain damage found, but no structural changes were reported either. Studies on various cannabis loving cultures such as in Jamaica and Costa Rica have shown similar results. It should be noted that some short- term memory loss has been recorded after 6 to 12 weeks of abstinence in heavy marijuana users. Heavy should be the key word in that sentence. Nothing indicates that this is a permanent condition, and is unrelated to actual brain damage.

Alcohol, a perfectly legal drug, as well as an array of other drugs are all known to cause brain damage. Now don’t worry boozers, we already fought that fight in the 1920’s, they won’t take our booze. We just need to convince these uptight money- grubbing bastards to allow us to puff on a joint with our whiskey sours. Life is short people, lets take back some of the little freedoms. Leave fear to the politicians and their drones.

Marijuana- The Facts

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raquel said...

Clearly there isn't much danger to smoking marijuana. I was led to believe that it did cause some brain damage but I guess that was wrong and it makes total sense. Weed>alcohol.