Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baking with Mary Jane

It’s simply amazing to read the absolute bullshit that the DEA puts onto their website. They seem to have an amazing talent for misconstruing legitimate information. Of course there are some adverse effects to smoking marijuana. There are some adverse effects associated BHT a preservative found in many cereals as well. Should we make cereal illegal? No of course not, the key is moderation. Most experts in fact agree that moderate marijuana use is innocuous. Excessive use conversely, can cause respiratory damage due to smoke inhalation, as well as lead to impairment- related injuries.

However, they forget to mention that they can aid in mitigating the risk associated with the smoking of marijuana. There is of course more than one way to get high off bud. Ingesting weed orally in baked goods is one of these options. Unfortunately it takes a greater amount of weed to reach the same effects as one would experience if it was smoked. Weed, being illegal, has higher selling prices as a result. If weed were deemed legal and prices dropped, a safer way to achieve the desired effects would become a much more affordable option.

So what’s the problem Michelle Leonhart? How about instead of more scare tactics by the DEA, and obviously biased information, you begin to act as objective researchers? O wait if weed becomes legal a good portion of your co- workers lose their jobs. Is it possible it isn’t so much about the dangers of weed itself? Is it possible this could be about money?

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ZachReusing said...

You make a very good argument here... I'd like to hear more about the "conspiracies" within the DEA and the possible benefit-related reasoning for them keeping marijuana illegal... Great post!