Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has yielded impressive results in aiding medical patients that battle chronic pain, sleeping disorders, as well as nausea associated with chemotherapy. For years many researchers and medical professionals for marijuana prohibition have claimed that these benefits could be achieved through other medications.

This fact is absolutely true. For many patients traditional medications can work wonderfully. But what about those patients that are not adequately helped through traditional medications? Or those that are allergic to traditional painkillers? Are we going to deny ailing people their relief? The federal government has yet to pass federal legislation that would allow marijuana to be prescribed in all states. This means that many people that live in states that do not allow any form of use or sale for medical purposes, are forced to get it illegally if they wish to use it. And when they are caught, they are thrown into crowded jails and treated like criminals.

Until federal legislation is passed the DEA will continue to harass legal clinics producing and storing marijuana, as well as spreading propaganda as to the health effects of the drug. Legislation in congress to protect medical users of marijuana from federal prosecution has failed in the past. However, the most recent proposition failed by very little and education might be the key.


Jordan said...

Great point. Interesting also that many people develop dangerous addictions to the painkillers that are supposedly a less dangerous solution than marijuana itself.

Mister Transistor said...

I agree with Jordan completely, painkiller drugs like oxycontin cause major addictions and even death.(I had a friend overdose and die from oxycontin.) Marijuana causes no physical dependencies and helps out many more people than harm.

Nice work man