Sunday, March 9, 2008

Learning From the Past

The prohibition of marijuana is a complete joke. By continuing to enforce laws that prohibit its use the government is impeding the development of technology that reduces the harmful effects of smoking marijuana. In addition, the illegality of marijuana forces the product into the black market. When a black market is created all regulation of the way the plant it cultivated goes out the door as well. Because the people growing and selling marijuana are not responsible to anyone the use of known cancer causing insecticides such as DDT and Paraquat are used in order to save money. If the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) were able to oversee and regulate the practices in the market, marijuana could become considerably less harmful to the body. As stated in an earlier post, the prohibition of marijuana raises selling prices across the board. This price hike makes ingesting weed in another fashion unaffordable, due to the need for more weed to achieve the same high.

The DEA and the FDA are supposed to be concerned with the health and well- being of the American people. If this is the case then why are these agencies not taking charge of the marijuana market? The DEA must know short of making the use and selling of marijuana punishable by death, they will never eradicate marijuana. They could not do it with alcohol, and they will not do it with weed. So why not learn from the past instead of creating Al Capone’s?

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